A Leader’s Coaching Stance with Tricia Broderick

Have you struggled to empower your teams? Are your teams continuously relying on your knowledge and expertise? Being a leader means different things to different people. How can your teams benefit from agile coaching ideas applied to leadership? Join Tricia Broderick to leverage an experiential exercise to explore the requirements and differences between training, mentoring, facilitating and professional coaching. Expect to identify your default approach – the approach you start from when you hear a challenge, problem, or opportunity within your team. Anticipate learning the pros and cons of each approach in order to challenge yourself to examine your current struggles – is your default approach or your desired approach more appropriate to lead in a given scenario. Leave with an expanded perspective on how Agile Coaching can have a positive impact on your abilities as a leader.


Passionately focused on the facilitation of high-performance software development environments, Tricia Broderick brings seventeen years of experience including the last eight years of focus with an Agile mindset.  She leverages and openly shares work experience stories and examples to inspire people, especially managers and leaders to reach new heights through continuous reflection, both as individuals and as members of innovative teams.  Tricia is a highly experienced leader, coach, mentor, trainer, and speaker with Agile For All. Follow Tricia on Twitter @t_broderick.