Introduction to Visual Thinking


Were you told you couldn’t or shouldn’t draw? We think that you can and should!

Notes are a burden. Notetakers spend the entire time trying to transcribe every word and as a result don’t retain much of the important information. What if there was another way that improves retention, attention, and engagement? That’s where sketchnotes come into play. Sketchnotes are “Notes+”. They combine writing + lettering + drawing in a way that allows you to focus on the big ideas. Sketchnotes are practical, like a pickup truck (not a corvette). They are about ideas, not art. Sketchnotes capture thinking. They can be used for talks and meetings, idea mapping, documentation, travel and food experiences, and more. How do you sketchnote? Any way you want – there are no rules! In this interactive session, attendees will create their own sketchnote and get over their inner “I can’t draw!” voice.

3 Learning Objectives:
Learn how we connect with each other through visuals
Learn how to create concepts from basic shapes
Learn to create a visual version of a normally boring tool so you can wow your teams

– Networking begins at 5:30
– Discussion starts at 6pm

Thank you Availity for hosting!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Holly Carman