Agile Games Night II: Learn How to Design a Game Through Game Storming

Learn agile through hands-on adaptive play. Participating in agile games provides learning that no lecture or book can match. These are games where everyone wins because we learn techniques to better ourselves and better our teams. 

Why an Agile Games Night? 

 •Learn a game based on focus/topic

 •Learn techniques and how to create your own active, visual and engaging sessions through games and known active training techniques 

 •Test out your games with the group before using them 

 •Have fun and meet new and old agile friends

This Night’s Focus: We will be learning how to design a quick game using Game Storming where there are three stages- open (divergent), explore (emergent) and close (convergent) using a collection of available games within each stage and each outcome is an input to the next game. The final act (to win the game) is move toward a conclusion, decisions and next steps. They key is to design your game with key goals/objectives just like any game designer-let’s have fun and learn at the same time!


6:00-6:30 social/networking 

6:30 – 6:45 Introductions and announcements

6:45 – 7:45 Game Storming 

7:45 – 8:00 Retrospective

Food and beverage for this meetup are made possible from our generous sponsor, Clearly Agile.  We take RSVPs very seriously!  RSVP counts are used to determine how much food and drink to supply at each meetup. The point is, if you RSVP to a meetup, please show up.  Also, it’s just not cool to cancel the same day.