Agile in the Morning

Hello, agilists! We are slightly altering our 2020 schedule, since the “last Friday of the month” falls so close to upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas)… So we’re “skipping” November, and meeting the 1st Friday of December.

Look for the Zoom link in your email on Thursday evening, December 3… Can’t wait to chat during our “Agile in the Morning”!

Let’s start our day with Agile thoughts, conversations, tips and inspirations in the Altamonte Springs/Maitland area.

‘Agile in the Morning’ is a great place to ask questions and share stories about using Agile and Lean approaches in software development and other industries. We discuss anything that interests the group via a “Lean Coffee” format: You suggest topics, then we prioritize those items democratically. We manage our discussions via a Kanban “board,” timeboxes, and a Roman vote (thumbs up/down).

Interested in the Lean Coffee format? This informal, conversational technique is the perfect way for beginners to learn, and for experts to give back to their community.

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