Battle Lessons How to Justify Investments in Agile that Resonate with Executives

Maintaining sponsorship for an agile journey is no easy task. It is filled with many risks, which if not handled well may de-rail the program and its efforts. The success or failure of a transformation program heavily rests on the shoulders of a sponsor, and the team that carries it. In this presentation, you’ll learn about real-life techniques to not only maintain sponsorship but also increase executive engagement. If you are interested in keeping your agile transformation alive for years to come, then come join us to learn ways that will help your organization to maintain the support levels it needs to adequately build out its agile ecosystem.


Andres Borque is an Agile Transformation Leader and Enterprise Agile Coach. He is a passionate change agent and Agile Evangelist that has helped and influenced companies from the energy, telecommunications, and finance sector to embrace the mindset, culture, and practices of lean-agile. Collaborating with his agile transformation teams, he has been instrumental in helping to implement agile transformation strategies that have taken companies from piloting an agile concept to increasing their agility at scale. He has helped organizations increase their portfolio of agile teams from 0 to over 325 agile teams, improve time to production by over 500%, significantly decrease customer-impacting incidents by 30%, and improve workforce morale by over 200%.

He has over 20 years of software delivery experience with a background in process efficiency and a passion for continuous improvement. He is a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, CSM, IC Agile certified Facilitation Instructor, Certified Agile Coach, Kanban Practitioner, and a SPC. His interest in Agile began as early as 2008 as he was seeking better ways to manage software delivery that was more closely aligned with his background in continuous improvement and lean thinking. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. He has lived in South Florida since 1982. He loves spending time with his family, is a self-proclaimed home improvement weekend warrior, and a Martial Arts enthusiast.

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