Barcamp Tampa Bay 2017

Barcamp Tampa Bay is celebrating 10 years of getting our geek on! Barcamp Tampa Bay averages 800+ attendees and is the second largest Barcamp in the world! The event is completely free and open to everyone.

While Barcamp is an UN-Conference (meaning no pre-assigned speakers), we will have over 20 rooms generating 150+ sessions running concurrently throughout. We need great speakers and the topics are almost endless. We have had talks on Ruby, Linux, PHP, WordPress, Ad Words, SEO, blockchain, AI, VR, Gaming, cryptocurrencies, robotics, blogging and social media, to photography, podcasting, film, autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity as well as operational topics like intellectual property law, growth hacking, startup economics, managing outsourced development teams and a long list of others.  Besides speakers, we also need volunteers.

Anyone can register to attend or volunteer at