Build Software Like A Rockstar Consultant Using Agile

Agile is an outstanding framework for collaborative software development.  Building software and staying Agile doesn’t always fit nicely with client services work (i.e. getting paid by clients for your work).  Even doing development in an Agile fashion for internal non-Agile business groups can be tough.  It’s true – project sponsors really do still say things like “this work has to be done on this date for this cost”.

This will be a discussion about some of the real-life challenges to Agile that Mercury has faced as implementation consultants, root causes to Agile as a consultant and key techniques to stick with Agile.  And if all goes well, I will show that you can be a rockstar consultant using Agile with ragingly happy customers, loyal developers and many return engagements.  I intend to cover methods for those performing outside consulting and for development departments servicing internal customers.

Donald Bickel, Founding Partner of Mercury New Media

Donald Bickel has served as Partner, Technical Services for Mercury New Media for eighteen years.  As the head of Mercury New Media’s Technical Services team he has architected Mercury New Media’s delivery platform and contributed to nearly a thousand website and web application design and development projects.  His areas of focus are system architecture, cloud implementation, Agile management, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.  Donald holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering summa cum laude from the Georgia Tech.

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