Creating Courageous Cultures – Workshop

Thank you AssistRX for sponsoring this meetup!


PARKING: This event is inside the Church Street Exchange building. Parking is $1 an hour in the parking lot or $10 if there’s an event at the arena. Sometimes cards don’t work in the machines so you might want to bring cash. You can also park in nearby parking garages. Allow time for downtown traffic and parking. This space is awesome so it’s worth it! ūüôā¬†

Agile doesn’t matter if you don’t have the¬†courage¬†to use it. During this workshop, learn how to create courageous workplaces.¬†

Do you work in a place where you feel like you’re blocked from building the product you COULD build because people are too busy covering their butts? Or people are afraid to talk about the real problems? Or people are not fully engaged? If you do and you are tired of it, or just want to learn more, join us!

 We will be learning a new definition of courage and doing some fun activities to practice and learn together. Regardless of your location on the org chart, you CAN create a more courageous work culture.


РDefinition of a courageous culture

РParts of a courageous culture

РHow to identify growth opportunities for courage in your company

РTechniques for creating a courageous culture