Creating #DramaFree Conversations

LOCATION UPDATE: Winter Park Community Center – 721 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Are you finding it difficult to manage relationships? Always stressed out? Feeling frustrated or defeated? Surrounded by conflict, blame and repeating problems instead of clear thinking, agreement and action? Would you like some new tools and strategies to change the way you’re thinking about and reacting to the drama situations you find yourself in?

Creating #DramaFree Conversations is an evening event designed to identify drama and contempt in yourself and in others. Once identified we’ll provide tools to help you to understand and unpack your own dramas and to move from unnecessary conflict, towards curiosity and collaboration – at work, at home and in your community.


Caitlin has spent over 20 years supporting individuals and groups to detect the dramas they’re in or the dramas other people are trying to get them into.

She doesn’t have a magic wand for changing other people, but she does have a strong clear process for reducing the time you personally spend in unnecessary conflict.

During this workshop she’ll be sharing tools, including clean questions, to encourage you to get curious about your dramas, unpack the key pieces, separate evidence from inference, come to understand what is actually happening and your part in it.

From this position of clarity, it’s possible to shift your attention towards what you would like to have happen instead. Just the act of unpacking drama can allow you to think and breathe more freely and become more creative in the options available to you.

You can’t always get what you want but you can take actions you are proud of. You don’t have to be going around the same old dramas day in and day out and wearing out your goodwill and patience.


– Unpack your own dramas and recognise what role(s) you tend to take on the Drama Triangle (persecutor, rescuer or victim).
– Explore some of the costs and benefits of drama.
– Learn about different brain states and how to recognise when you – and others – are in a less productive state, and ways you can move to a more productive brain state.
– Discover how to use Clean Language questions to uncover the hidden architecture of your drama states and of your desired outcomes.
– Learn how to unpack your dramas into evidence, inference and impact and so use this as the basis for giving yourself – and others – feedback.
– Explore how to use a ‘Clean Set Up’ to clarify what you want when you’re with others – so reducing the possibility of drama occurring in the first place.
– Consider how you will implement your insights and learnings in your own context.

Caitlin is a director of Clean Learning and the developer of Systemic Modelling™. She is the author of From Contempt to Curiosity, which details many of the innovative and transformational projects she’s led across her community from the most dispossessed to leading think tanks.

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