Driving Value with Agile Teams (IIBA-AO event)

Agile is way past innovator and early adopter phase on the disruption curve and well into early majority as enterprises of all sizes bring the benefits of early risk detection, higher quality early deliverables and shared collaboration and learning to their organization.

If you or your firm is new to incorporating agile approaches in your workflow or if you’re using it already, this highly fun and interactive workshop will bring deeper insight into the motivation and practical applications of agile methodologies in spec’ing and developing products and projects of all kinds.

Mark Kilby will offer some principles and practices, as well as active hands-on opportunities to scrum and sprint on the spot and learn where and how requirements fit into the modern agile development cycle, where the handoffs are, and what are pitfalls to watch out for.

ATTENTION AO MEMBERS: Please register through the IIBA site at http://centralfloridaiiba.wildapricot.org/event-1853475

and use code “AO2015” so you can attend FREE.

Registering on the IIBA site will also provide details on the location.

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