The 7 Disciplines of High Performing Teams with Bob Hartman

SFAA is proud to present for the second year in a row AgileBob in our Evening with a Guru series. 

Bob was SFAA’s very first guru in our Evening with the Guru series and we are thrilled he is back again. We look forward to another fun filled evening with lots of energy and enthusiasm!

Have you ever wondered what high performance agile teams do that is different from what your teams do? Why are the measurements of high performing teams so much better than what your team has ever has been able to achieve? High performing teams have incredible discipline to how they operate. It is not luck that they are high performing, rather it is caused by the team placing emphasis on things that are important for success. It turns out there are 7 basic disciplines followed almost universally by high performance agile teams. Come and learn how these 7 disciplines can radically change the performance of a team. More importantly, learn ways you can start to implement these disciplines with your teams.

Bio:  Bob Hartman, better known as Agile Bob, brings over 30 years of experience and industry knowledge cultivated by serving in almost every role in the software industry including developer, tester, documentation writer, product manager, project manager, business analyst, development manager and executive. Over the past 15 years Bob has grown from being an early adopter of Agile to his current status as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) and an expert in training, coaching and mentoring across all areas of Agile development. Bob is a popular speaker, having spoken at numerous major conferences, seminars, workshops and user group meetings where his engaging style, holistic view of development and personal anecdotes are always well received by attendees. Bob has also been recognized by the Scrum community in general by being elected to the Board of Directors of the Scrum Alliance where he is the Vice Chairman of the Board, currently serving a term until December 31, 2016.

Thanks to Ultimate Software for hosting this event!

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