Gaming Agile

Heard about Agile but never really used it? Or perhaps you used a small set of “Agile” techniques because a team lead said so? Sometimes we learn more through play than through listening to a lecture or a story of how someone else’s company has “gone Agile”. In this session, Mark and Sarah will show you some games that illustrate Agile concepts that you can take back to your team. You will learn through doing, not listening. 

This event is hosted by the Lean Startup Practitioners meetup. Please register on their site as they are charging a small fee to provide refreshments. An RSVP here does not register you for the talk. You can register at

Our presenters just happen to be your co-hosts of AgileOrlando: Mark Kilby and Sarah Bacah. Mark Kilby (@mkilby, is a seasoned Agile coach and mentor with over 12 years of coaching organizations and teams. Sarah Baca (sjbaca3, is an Agile coach currently coaching 10 teams in a distributed organization and who believes that authenticity and vulnerability are necessary to create kick-ass software.

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