How to be an Agile Communicator

Agile is all about inspecting and adapting. How do you do that in preparing or giving a presentation? What if you have never presented? (Yikes!) In this mini-workshop, Mark Kilby will describe how agile helped him become a better presenter and trainer by developing content in short iterations, learning about his customers (the audience) and inspecting and adapting as quickly as possible while presenting. 

BIO: Mark Kilby is a self-proclaimed “recovering introvert”. He was scared to death to present in the early part of his career. Then he found out about agile and he couldn’t shut up about it. He eventually learned he could use agile to inspect and adapt his presenting technique and even become comfortable (somewhat) presenting to large audiences. After 25 years in software and 13 years coaching agile organizations, Mark has presented hundreds of times to small groups and conferences filled with a few hundred people. He has even presented three times at the international Agile Alliance conference. His hope is to help people find their voice and share it to move others to action.

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