Lean Beer for All Things Agile

Tampa Bay Agile & ClearlyAgile are bringing the happy hour version of Lean Coffee to your area! This open discussion concept is popular among local Agile communities all across the US, including neighboring communities like Agile Orlando and South Florida Agile Association.

What is Lean Beer?

Lean Beer is an alternative to the early morning Lean Coffees, for folks who can’t always join us at 7:30AM. Lean Beer is a great place to ask questions and share your stories of using Agile and Lean software approaches, over an adult beverage, if you choose.  We discuss any topics on Agile and Lean that are of interest to whomever is gathered.  You suggest the topics, then we prioritize that list democratically, through a good ole’ fashion vote.  We manage our discussions via time boxes, and a Roman vote (drinks up/drinks down).

We are a non-formal group, like to loosen our ties and roll up our sleeves at the end of a long day, and gather with other like-minded Agile Practitioners to exchange ideas and information. Come see what Lean Beer is all about and get your Agile on.