No Idea Left Behind

ToP Facilitation Methods are structured methods designed to help groups, think, talk and work together.

One of the ToP Methods, the Consensus Workshop Method, is a way to come to consensus in a short period of time through a collective integrated thinking process. When consensus is reached, all participants feel their ideas, insights and perspectives and wisdom has been honored and the consensus includes their ideas. No one feels like they had to “give up something” in order for the group to move forward or in order for the group to make a decision. When consensus is reached, each member of the group has ownership of the entire group’s decisions.

Join us in a 90 minute live demonstration of the ToP Consensus Workshop Method. During this interactive 90 minute workshop, you will participate in coming to a consensus on “How can Agile Orlando attract and engage the next generation,  while maintaining our core principles and relationships that helped us to grow to where we are today?” We decided on this topic as it should be relevant to all participants and will demonstrate how ToP Facilitation Methods can be used strategically.  The results of this interactive demo will be available to all participants.

This is a hands on demonstration with a group created outcome. This demo will be facilitated by Laurie Dougherty, a Qualified ToP Trainer and Certified ToP Facilitator.

BIO: Laurie Dougherty, CAE, CTF has over 24 years of experience working with non-profits and government entities. In her current role, Laurie helps individuals, teams and organizations work together to leverage their resources for greater outcomes through designed, facilitated events and meetings. She is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), Certified Facilitator (CTF) and Qualified Trainer in Technology of Participation Methods.

Laurie is a member of International Association of Facilitators, Technology of Participation Network, Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Association and American Society of Association Executives.