Overcoming Immunity to Change – Jay Packlick (Virtual Meetup)

Change is hard. You know what you want, you have the processes in place but you can’t quite close the gap between knowing and doing. Jay Packlick, an Agile Enterprise coach will explore with us the neuroscience behind the invisible yet all-powerful forces at play rendering individuals and organizations nearly immune to change. He’ll share some techniques you can use in your practice to identify, visualize, and minimize these hidden forces limiting the potential for improvement.

Jay Packlick is an enterprise Agile coach with Charles Schwab. For over fifteen years he’s been committed to helping groups overcome the barriers to achieving goals important to them in the Agile space. Jay has extensive training and experience in large group facilitation, organizational change, and leadership development. He also likes French fries.

Important: This is a virtual video meetup on Zoom and we encourage interaction. If you have never used Zoom, it’ll require a small download of software. We love when you use video!

This meetup is taking place in collaboration with Coaching Agile Journeys. check out past and future meetups on www.coachingagilejourneys.com