PO Group: Product Roadmaps – connect strategy w/execution

Speed is only useful when you are going in the right direction.

Product Development can be a daunting task when you shoot from the hip. With multiple stakeholders eager to have their needs meet through product, it is important to align with clear outcomes, prioritized initiatives, and a focus on real value.

Join us in April to find out the best practices to build a product roadmap that delivers on value.

Speaker: Todd Fulmino, VP of Product Development at Mad Mobile. Todd has over 10+ years in product development creating amazing solutions to increase productivity and drive business initiatives. You can read about their technology products like Concierge, (http://content.madmobile.com/press/how-a-tampa-tech-company-is-making-an-in-store-shopping-experience-feel-like-amazon)that gives sales associates instant access to product and customer data or ask Todd about how he conducts A-B testing inside his software products to validate ideas.

Prior to joining Mad Mobile (http://www.madmobile.com/), Fulmino worked with PwC to develop software for over 47 territories and had the ability to capitalize on his entrepreneurial spirit through co-founding Integrade, the first early warning and analytic software program for the K-12 market place.

If you want to connect with Todd, you can find him at @toddfulmino or on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-fulmino-3122aa1/).

Location and Food Sponsors Take a moment to get to know our sponsors! We are fortunate to have our meeting space sponsored by Healthesystems (http://www.healthesystems.com/). Healthesystems strives to simplify complexities for each customer. That includes building on their customer-focused culture with an ever-expanding agile mindset.

Thank you to Jackson Hewitt (https://www.jacksonhewitt.com/)for being our food sponsor! Did you know they support over 6,000 locations? Get to know Jackson Hewitt and their Agile journey!

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