Product Owner Group – March

The intent of this meetup is to help Product Owners network and grow as a community of practice.

Please join us in March as we continue our journey into lean startup techniques for Product Owners with Taylor Wallace, cofounder of the Tampa-based WeVue.


Designing an Experience: Start With a Map

As the product owner, you are the director. 

As the director, you can choose to try and yap at your actors, breathe down the neck of your lighting guys, scream at the camera gal, and harp on your writers to meet deadlines… 

Or you can design a map with the input of your team to guide you towards creating the show: stunning products with incredible user experiences. 

This meetup is an interactive workshop where Taylor Wallace will share his experience becoming a Product Owner and how experience and journey mapping has guided his product from inception through pivots and towards success. You will work in teams to map out familiar user experiences and you’ll leave with exercises and a set of tools you can take back to your own product ownership practice to improve how you empathize with your users and create compelling product narratives. 

An initial short list of resources:

How to build an experience map 

Service Design Tools 

UserOnboard shows tear downs of well know apps on-boarding experiences

Pttrns shows common mobile UI patterns. 

Taylor’s Bio:

Taylor Wallace is the cofounder of WeVue, a software platform designed to capture, enhance, and promote company culture. As a former writer and producer, Taylor saw the future of storytelling developing online and cut his startup chops working with advertising and big data technology in NYC. He started WeVue as a “Product Owner” without knowing what that meant. Over the last four years, he’s developed a set of UX, design, and product management skills and methodologies that help him bridge the gaps between business, design, and development. You can learn more about Taylor on linkedin or check out WeVue.  

RSVP’s are important for planning purposes!

Healtheystems is our valuable food sponsor for this event, in combination with KForce for the terrific location. Please update your RSVP so that we can plan food and space needs accordingly.