Product Owner Group: Aligned Autonomy & Prioritization Using OKRs


You and your teams work tirelessly, always pushing for maximum efficiency. You have everything in place to ensure that you are stable and predictable. And that’s great. But there is a big difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness is how you well you can answer questions like: Are you working on the right thing? Is the work you are doing really aligned with the broader strategy of your organization? How do you measure how effective you are at advancing your organizational strategy through the work you and your teams are doing? No team or individual is intentionally ineffective. But many are. The reason is because systems, processes, and people aren’t aligned around solid objectives and measurable key results. But companies like Google, Spotify, DropBox, LinkedIn, Netflix, Slack, and many others have found a way to ensure that all of their teams are super aligned with broader strategic goals while maintaining a high sense or autonomy in the work that they do. How do they do it? OKR’s, or objectives and key results.

OKR’s were pioneered by Intel and were refined to an art form at Google. In this session, we’ll talk about OKR basics, how you and your organization can use them to align and prioritize your work, and how OKRs can drive autonomy throughout your entire organization to create highly efficient AND effective teams.

Speaker Yes – Chris is that great presenter who brought us the valuable Persona workshop!

Chris Spagnuolo is a product management and innovation ninja who works with organizations to understand their portfolio and product challenges and help them design opportunities to improve. He has led cross-functional, collaborative, agile product teams at organizations of all sizes. He has successfully founded three startups, including his brand new venture EdgeHopper. He has led product groups for two other startups, in addition to creating products for large-scale, multi-national corporations. Based on his wealth of experience, Chris has concluded that dogma solves nothing. Rather than following a specific framework or methodology, he focuses on generating insights through a deep understanding of the organizations he works with and their goals. He leads them in identifying a sustainable, adaptable journey to achieve their goals in a way steeped in customer empathy and aligned autonomy. 

The approaches Chris uses include systems thinking, a holistic perspective, dialogic principles to embrace diversity and group wisdom, shared meaning, shared leadership, leveraged diversity, business agility, and “sense and respond” systems. The levers he pulls include how people are organized, the types of experiences people engage in throughout the system, and what and how information flows throughout the organization. Chris  believes there is always more than one right answer, that the quality of relationships and interactions matter, that reality is defined by interactions with others, and that diversity creates creativity.

If you want to connect with Chris, you can find him Tweeting about product management and innovation on Twitter at @chrisspagnuolo or on LinkedIn at chrisspagnuolo.

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