Product Owner Group – Jan: Stakeholder Mgt–Tips from FBI Hostage Negotiators

Product Management IS Stakeholder Management. Influencing and Negotiating is a big part of the role.

In this session, you will learn modern negotiation techniques applied to Stakeholder Management. This is a fun spin on Stakeholder management using the negotiation techniques Chris Voss outlines in “Never Split the Difference.” We explore modern negotiation techniques, then apply them to real-life scenarios.

We examine Mirroring, Labeling, Getting to Yes, and Open-Ended Questions in realistic Product and Stakeholder scenarios. We think we learn by applying, so this will have an interactive element to it!

About the Speakers

Join Lemont Chambliss and Julee Everett as they pair in on this interactive, fun session exploring negotiation techniques as a Product Owner.

Julee Everett is a consultant, author, and speaker who helps organizations adopt agile thinking and innovative practices. She specializes in Product, Innovation, Design Thinking, and Business Agility. She currently serves as the VP of Product at ClearlyAgile.

Lemont Chambliss is an Agile Coach. He has proven experience in building teams and strong relationships. He works with multiple teams in the growing agile enterprise at Catalina. Lemont is currently a co-organizer of the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup.