Product Owner Group – updated topic!

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We are excited to have a guest product specialist, Chris Spagnuolo, to lead us in our first kick-off session. (See below for Chris’ bio.) 

Note we have changed the topic to be Personas, not Lean Startup Validation.  6:00 – 6:30  Networking – Eat, Meet and Greet

6:30 – 7:45 Chris Spagnuolo and Personas

7:45 – 8:00 Next steps for PO community

Product Owners – do you have these questions?

Do all of your user stories start with “As a user…” or “As a customer…”? Does everyone in your organization use the same words to describe your users are…or do all have different words that describe your users? Do you wish you had a better, deeper understanding of who your users are…baked right into your story cards?

This how-to evening will help you:

– Understand the value of personas 

– Develop personas that group users by wants and needs instead of simplistic market segments or job titles

– Build a shared understanding of the wants, needs, and motivations of your customers instead of simple market segmentation

– Create ad hoc personas using limited research methods

– Use personas to prioritize the work in your backlogs

Chris Spagnuolo Bio

Chris Spagnuolo is a product management and innovation ninja who specializes in advising startups and corporations on building products that customers love. He has led cross-functional, collaborative, agile product teams at organizations of all sizes. He has successfully founded two startups, led product groups for a few other startups, in addition to creating products for large-scale, multi-national corporations. But, regardless of the scale of the organization or the types of products he has developed, Chris has always remained laser focused on customer empathy and providing innovative solutions that solve real customer problems. Lately Chris’ passion has been about bringing Lean Startup practices to large companies in an effort to build startups within the enterprise and reigniting corporate innovation mojo. His workshops focus on discovering ground-breaking ideas, rapidly testing them, and quickly moving the best ideas to product-market fit…and always delighting customers. If you want to connect with him, you can always find him Tweeting about product management and innovation on Twitter at @chrisspagnuolo. Or shoot him an email at

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