Empower Agile Teams: Making blockchain a household name!


Our topic this month is: Making blockchain a household name!

6:00 – 6:30 PM: Networking- Eat/Meet/Greet
6:30 – 8:00 PM: Empower Agile Teams main event

Though most people regularly use digital currencies in their daily lives, few of them understand blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Mainstream adoption remains blockchain’s biggest hurdle, despite the world’s biggest banking/tech companies filing blockchain patents at record speed.

We will discuss how blockchain works, and why blockchain will fundamentally change society as we know it, including several real-life examples in the gaming industry today.

This session is made for you and your team if you want to understand how one day soon blockchain will be a household name, how this ties into agile, and quality. And ways you can leverage this information to start the conversation at your company.

Our community mentor and speaker will be Marcus “Blockchain” Howard .

Marcus is the CEO of ProjectMQ, a multimedia search engine, for the world’s BEST indie games like Minecraft and Rocket League. Because game discovery is broken, while nearly 75% of video games are indie, indie games only make up 2% of the industry’s $140B revenue.
ProjectMQ’s solution to the game discovery problem is so bold, they’re partnering with industry leaders like iHeartMEDIA and PayPal. You can discover EPIC indie games from 40 countries at www.projectmq.com. Marcus has more than 10 years of experience building innovative startups in various industries like restaurant and gaming.
Come join us and learn a new way to engage teams and improve your skills.

Refreshments and location space for this meetup is made possible by our generous sponsor Keiser University https://www.keiseruniversity.edu/tampa/

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