How to Win Friends and Influence Leaders – An Experiential Leadership Workshop

Networking and food 6:30 – 7:00 pm
Workshop/Talk 7:00 pm – 8:00ish pm

How do you gather leadership support for your agile transformation? In this workshop we’ll explore the easiest way to get leadership support for your transformation: by building more leaders!

We will start by briefly describing our experience building an agile leadership program in a Fortune 25 healthcare company. Then we will spend the rest of the time going through fun activities designed to help leaders develop their emotional intelligence, increase their comfort with vulnerability, and walk away with tools they can immediately apply to their teams.

If you want to move around, have a blast, and learn what a chihuahua and a banana can teach people about leadership then please stop by.

Learning Outcomes:
– Attendees can explain the value of developing leadership skills in their organizations
– Attendees can facilitate several fun and engaging activities to help leaders develop their leadership skills
– Attendees can describe the importance of vulnerability, empathy, listening, and emotional intelligence within an organization

Speaker Bios:

JOLENE JANGLES strongly believes in people’s greatness and has spent the past 20 years focused on helping others achieve more while delivering great products.

As a lean/agile practitioner and Co-Active coach she works with individuals, teams, and organizations to reach higher levels. Using the right balance of teaching, mentoring and coaching, she shares her passion with the hope of igniting the greatness she sees in others.

JOE ZIADEH is a passionate about brains (but he is not a zombie). He specializes in the science behind how our brains react to learning and change. He has been working in Agile and IT for 20 years, in a variety of fun and interesting roles. Currently he’s a Training Badass and Agile Coach for Balanced Agility, speaker at a number of Agile conferences, and Instructor of Agile Courses in the Washington University Technology Leadership Center.