Scrumch! Scrum-Lunch @ Jason’s Deli (near Oaks Mall)

Wanna break up your workday?
Let’s get together for a bite to eat and chat about agile. What to bring: yourself, one of your favorite tips or tricks working in agile and one problem with agile you may be experiencing (and your wallet, please!)

Jason’s has something for everyone and plenty of room for all of us. The Menu is here:

Proposed topic:
Lean Startup & Scrum – working together?

The Lean Startup is a book that argues for iterative measurable growth when building a product. So does Scrum. But it seems rare that you hear about a business following the Lean Startup with a development team practicing Scrum. Why is that? Over lunch, let’s discuss where (or if?) these philosophies overlap and how they can support each other.

If you’ve never read The Lean Startup, it’s a great read and will fill your mind with all sorts of ways to measure progress. It might also help you ship code faster. Here’s the book on Amazon:

I scheduled the meetup for a month away in case you’d like to read the book before we meet.