SFAA Agile track at Code Camp 2015

SFAA hosted the Agile Track at Code Camp 2015.  Special thanks to Marcello Lopez for leading and organizing the Agile track where several SFAA members presented.

Topics Presented

1) Intro to Agile by Syed Ali

2) Ship it Don’t W-I-P it by Alexander Kanaan

3) Agile – A deeper Dive by Ernesto Custodio

4) A 2D Product Backlog:  Story Mapping Workshop by Anjali Leon

5) Agile Engineering Practices by Rick Regueira, Marcelo Lopez

Presentations are on the following link on google drive:

CodeCamp201… – https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B95ySn6r7oMafnNQaGlobzAwX1ItSF9feVdyMkdDTW1UOHhOb2dzcU01a0NqOFhYVWtscVk&usp=sharing

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