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** Agile Education & Tools Summit is confirmed for Thursday May 28, 2015 **

** CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP  ** please do not RSVP to this meetup **

** Click HERE to join the conference on TUESDAY Feb 17 at 7:00pm **

Please read through till end to understand expectations before you sign-up.

Thanks to our 2014 SFAA Rockstars team, Agile Tools Summit 2014 was a great success!  Over 420 people attended from approximately 200 Florida companies and the speaker sessions were fantastic.  We have created a BUZZ in South Florida and are now working on the second of what is becoming  a global annual conference attracting Agilists from near and far!

We are now forming our AETS 2015 team of rockstar volunteers.  This is a great opportunity for those who want to get seriously involved with SFAA, particularly at the organizational level, to demonstrate their talent and commitment.

Scrum values emphasize FOCUS, COMMITMENT, OPENNESS, COURAGE, and RESPECT.  SFAA prides itself on being Agile and we will be using Scrum and Kanban to plan the conference.

What’s in it for You?

1) Networking with the Agile professionals in the tri-county area in South Florida, from top companies! 

2) Experience in organizing a large event! (Great on your resume!)

3) Giving back to the Agile user community…karma!

4) Understanding how Agile (Scrum and Kanban) can be used for planning

5) Free admission to the conference (pending your team approval) 

6) A lot of FUN!!…karma coming back 🙂

What Should you do?

Our team of rockstars are expected to understand and embrace Scrum values and have the time, dedication and commitment to help SFAA put on another world-class event! 

If interested, please sign-up the volunteer form by clicking the link below.  You are also expected to join us for a Webex video conference on

Tuesday February 17th at 7:00pm


You will be expected to share video, and be able to access a computer/tablet to view shared documents.  No dial-up please for this important first call.

Meeting Agenda


-About AETS

-Team Rockstar Expectations

-Discussion on Different AETS Teams 

-Team Assignments

-Agreement on cadence for weekly call day/time

** CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP  ** please do not RSVP to this meetup **

** Click HERE to join the conference on TUESDAY Feb 17 at 7:00pm **

Thanks and we look forward to welcoming you to our team! 

Please note, we continuously monitor our database so you can add your name above at anytime! 

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