Tampa Bay Scrum Masters Guild – March

Guild Crew, for March we will have a special treat. Ken Schwaber’s colleague, Steve Porter, will introduce us to the Nexus framework. Steve will take our questions on how to successfully integrate the work of multiple Scrum teams without being buried under a pile of dependencies and technical debt.

Nexus is an approach to scaled Scrum created by Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum. Nexus is the exoskeleton of scaled Scrum. It drives to the heart of the scaling issue – continually identifying and removing dependencies created by increased complexity. It builds on the existing Scrum framework and values. The result is an effective development group of up to 100 people using proven industry practices. 

Steve Porter is an ALM mentor/coach/trainer who has a broad background in multiple project management styles and methodologies. Over the past several years, he has focused his efforts on Agile methodologies in general, and Scrum in particular. Steve worked as the Product Owner for TeamPulse, Telerik’s agile project management tool. Other past roles have included Scrum Master as well as Team Member on many Scrum projects. His hands-on experience with all three Scrum roles gives him practical experience based on real-world situations.

6-6:30 PM Networking, eat/meet/greet

6:30 – 8:00 PM Nexus with Steve Porter

Food and beverage for this meetup are made possible from our generous sponsor, Apex Systems and Kforce. We take RSVPs very seriously! RSVP counts are used to determine how much food and drink to supply at each meetup. The point is, if you RSVP to a meetup, please show up.