Tampa WIA – Flying with Both Wings: A Better Balance with Feminine Leadership

Flying with Both Wings: A Better Balance with Feminine Leadership

Logic, reason, stability, discernment, assertiveness, confidence — all commonly associated with masculine leadership — are uniquely celebrated in our organizations and societies. But what about those commonly associated with feminine leadership — empathy, intuition, creativity, nurturing, vulnerability, harmony, adaptability, vitality? In our desperate and impatient quest for progress and growth, have we designed sub-optimal organizations and societies that have suppressed vital elements of our natural human capacities? Could this explain why it feels like we are oftentimes flying in circles, as if one wing was fully tucked away and going unused?

Join Anjali Leon for this interactive session that will introduce you to Shakti Leadership, the reintegration and rebalancing of feminine and masculine leadership capacities. You will learn to identify and appreciate the value of feminine capacities, and why they are needed now more than ever. Take this purposeful pause to explore the contours of your natural way of leading, and reclaim what you need to restore a better balance… and fly with both wings!

Anjali Leon is founder of PPL Coach, a boutique coaching and consulting practice, which specializes in Value-Driven Product Leadership and Values-Based People and Personal Leadership.

Anjali is known for her engaging workshops that blend Design Thinking, Lean and Agile principles & practices, and her authentic hearts and minds approach to helping people realize their full potential. An inspiring conference speaker and community organizer, Anjali founded ‘Empowering South Florida Women in Agile,’ and enjoys mentoring women and young agilists.

Learn more about Anjali’s services: www.ppl-coach.com