The Power of Inceptions (Learning at Lunchtime)

NOTE: We will not be using Zoom but a different tool called Wonder. You will get details when you RSVP.

* A brief opening, announcements and introductions
* Lakshmi’s talk & Q&A (transition at 1pm ET)
* Networking for those who can stay

Title: The Power of Inceptions
Speaker: Lakshmi Ramaseshan (an Agile Orlando alumni)

What is the value of Collaboration in your Organization? Are your teams aligned with the overall purpose & outcomes of an initiative they are working on? How might you change that & increase the chance of their success?

This discussion will focus on the value of Disciplined Collaboration in the way of an Inception. An Inception is when the whole team & other dependent team(s) come together for a day or two to align on The Strategy (Why), The Work (What) and The Team (How).

Creating a “Shared Understanding” and “Alignment” are the Goals of an Inception and when done well it can be very energizing for teams and set them up for success.

Lakshmi Ramaseshan works with companies & teams that need Agile Coaching, Agile Transformation and Process Improvement. With 20+ years in the software industry, her journey started as a developer on an agile team. She quickly realized good Product Development is all about having the Right conversations, building Happy teams and being aligned with your Customer.

Lakshmi is passionate about growing people, fostering Trust amongst the team members and building high performance teams & organizations. She also enjoys the challenge of helping teams adopt the Right Frameworks to achieve better business outcomes.