Training from the BACK of the Room

Step aside and let them learn! Increase your audience’s learning retention and experience by adopting proven techniques. Learn how to use brain science to create courses, trainings, and presentations in which learners actually retain more information and get excited about learning.

This meeting will give you a taste of how to create trainings that awaken the minds of your learners. This course is different than other “train the trainer” courses because we use brain science along with immersive and collaborative tools to help you revolutionize your trainings to engage learners. If you are an Agile Coach or Scrum Master, you will be able to use what you learn to make your meetings, retrospectives, and trainings more engaging and your learners will remember more.

Sarah Baca is a Certified trainer for Training from the Back of the Room (TFTBOTR), and has been coaching and teaching for over a decade. She has used these techniques teaching at Orlando Code Camp, the Agile 2015 international conference, and for several local meetup groups.