Welcome to the Heart of Agile: 4 Words + a Community (Dr. Alistair Cockburn)

Welcome to the Heart of Agile: 4 Words + a Community

Dr. Alistair Cockburn and two other international specialists on the
“Heart of Agile” are meeting in St Pete this week. Take advantage of
this unique opportunity to hear them talk about what the Heart of Agile
is and what people are doing with it around the world.

The Heart of Agile is a response to the overgrown complexity of today’s
agile world. It is a radical simplification, consisting only of 4 words:
Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. These words capture the original
intention of the founders of the agile movement, and also allow the
introduction of the latest thinking, such as guest leadership, pull
cultures, outcome delivery and solutions-focused psychotherapy.

Alistair Cockburn (pronounced “Co-burn”) is one of the co-authors of the
manifesto. He has researched the field since 1991, and is still
innovating. His part of the talk will focus on the need to regroup the
agile movement, and the broad picture of what lies behind the four
seemingly simple words.

Sole Pinter (pronounced “Soleh”) is the leader for the Heart of Agile in
the Latin American countries. She has given introductions to the Heart
of Agile in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and the United States. She is
currently working in Belgium within a large French bank.

Djordje Babic (he prefers being called “Georgie”) is an innovator on the
use of the Heart of Agile framework in Serbia and neighboring countries.
He has been introducing the concepts and the ideas to small companies in
all sorts of situations, including setting up a small store and getting
it operational with one product in one day.

The progression of the evening will be a short talk by each of the
three, followed by open question-and-answer on whatever topics arise.
Bring your questions and enjoy this event.

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