Women Who Code Tampa: All About Agile!

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What is Agile?

By now you’ve probably heard the terms “agile development” or “agile testing” floating around your organization or social media circles. It seems to be the “in” thing these days for software development, but what exactly is agile? What should I know about adopting an agile development approach in the real-world? This session will provide a brief overview of the following (no experience necessary):

• What agile is and isn’t.

• How agile might change my job.

• How agile might change my career.

Julee Bellomo Bio

Julee Bellomo is a consultant with the AgileThought Agile Practice. Her role is to help businesses prepare for agile transformations through leadership and enterprise coaching. Julee specializes in Product and Portfolio Management and Product Discovery workshops. She has been speaking this year at PMI and Agile events on evolving Project Management Offices using lean Portfolio Management practices to empower people and enable flow. You can hear her next presentation at AgileCamp in the New York area on September 25.

Julee Bellomo is active in the Tampa Bay Agile and PMP communities. She is the founder of the Tampa Bay Product Owner group and actively participates in community agile events. Julee is a frequent publisher on LinkedIn and at theagilecorner.com and recently collaborated on a new book by Femi Olajiga – Lean Agile Marketing: How to Become Agile and Deliver Marketing Success.

Wendy Vigre Bio

Wendy Vigre is an Agile Coach at AgileThought with over 5 years experience in the agile arena and 11 years in the technology industry.  She is passionate about implementing agile practices within organizations that will bring alignment and create a culture of delivery. Her software engineering background offers a tangible and unique outlook to agile adoption that helps create high performing organizations that are motivated, and where people enjoy producing the right thing. 

Wendy has led a wide variety of initiatives that vary from technical in nature, like code decoupling, to very business logic driven, like state legislation. She has hands on field experience as a product owner, scrum master, Kanban flow master and agile coach. She has worked in industries that range from healthcare to large accounting firms with teams that span from clinical to compliance.

Wendy is active in the Tampa Bay Agile community, participating in the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Tampa Bay Agile meet-ups.

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