A Modern PMO: Enabling Agile Delivery through Focusing on Flow

Stop being good at processes and start being good at delivering value!

This session is for anyone is seeking practical, proven techniques to evolve their traditional process-heavy PMO to a modern PMO that empowers people over processes.

Join us to explore the Minimum Viable Artifacts that balance the fluidity of agile delivery with accountability and transparency. Along the way, you will hear details of how a dynamic product company evolved to a people-centric PMO. #NoProjects

Julee Bellomo is an experienced agile practitioner in Tampa, Florida. As a senior consultant with AgileThought’s Agile Practice, she leads transformations, coaching, and training efforts. Julee enjoys applying agile frameworks beyond software, such as creative services and marketing. She specializes in agile portfolio management, product planning and product ownership with a focus on lean thinking and innovation games.

Julee is the founder of the Tampa Bay Product Owner group and actively participates in community agile and technology events. She is a frequent speaker, blogger, and author. She recently collaborated on a new Agile Marketing book by Femi Olajiga. Lean Agile Marketing: How to Become Agile and Deliver Marketing Success. You can find her on Twitter @JuleeBellomo or www.theagilecorner.com and LinkedIn Pulse.

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