Mob Programming and the Power of Flow

Mob Programming and the Power of Flow:

Five or more people working on one computer?! How can that possibly be productive?

While this seems like a reasonable question, it’s not easily answered – until we begin to understand the power of flow.

Mob Programming grew from the quest of one team to learn how to work well together. After many months of learning and experimenting, we stumbled upon the idea of working together in a highly collaborative manner we called “Mob Programming”. Once we started working this way we almost immediately noticed that it provided better results in a variety of ways:

– We were getting more, and more important things done
– The quality of our work was increasing dramatically
– Our knowledge, skills, and capabilities were improving rapidly
– And all while we were having a lot of fun!

While we noticed these benefits and more, we didn’t have an understanding of why this was working so wonderfully for us.

A hint came early on when we recognized we were achieving a “one-piece flow” similar to how the concept of flow is used in Lean Manufacturing – but we didn’t realize the importance of this until we started exploring the meaning and power of “flow”.

In this presentation we’ll share the results of that exploration, and see if we can get a better understanding of Mob Programming and the Power of Flow.


Woody Zuill, an Agile and Lean Software Development guide and coach – he has been programming computers for almost 40 years. He is an originator and pioneer of the Mob Programming approach to teamwork in software development, and provides workshops and training on team software development. He is known as a founder of the “No Estimates” discussion, and a frequent speaker at conferences and user group meetups.

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