Architecture: The Missing Continuous Delivery Puzzle Piece?

Good technical practices are an important aspect of a successful Agile implementation.  Succeeding at Continuous Delivery (CD) requires more than just continuous integration, automated testing, and automated deployment.  As it turns out, you can do all of that, but still be stymied when trying to deliver incrementally. This is because architecture also significantly constrains the granularity of the increments delivered–or in other words, architecture impacts batch size. In this talk, Russ explains the connection between architecture and batch size and leaves you with some very cool architecture and design techniques that help reduce batch size, thereby setting the stage for CD success.

Russ Miller, VP of Service Delivery,

Russ is a developer, architect, and leader, and is currently the VP of Service Delivery for, a software company providing visibility, security, and control for BYOD. He just recently transitioned out of SunView Software, where he was CTO and cofounder. Russ also co-hosts a weekly podcast on Software Architecture and related topics:

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