Baking in Quality with Agile

During this meetup, Michael Connolly will walk us through the process to develop good user stories and then BDD so that people come away with an understanding of both technique and process with the context of Agile.

Speaker Bio: Michael Connolly is a seasoned Agile professional whose focus over the past 10 years has revolved around helping teams develop Agile techniques that build successful Agile processes for their organization. The techniques that he coaches and mentors teams on include Writing Contextually Rich User Stories, BDD, Test Automation and Agile Quality Assurance.

PARKING:  Park at the Envy Labs building parking garage and go up to the top level P4 to park. Parking is free. 

SPONSOR: Our sponsor for this event is Mackenzie Brady with K-Force Inc. K-force will be providing food for the meeting. 

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