Beating The Odds! Why Projects Fail & What To Do About It

For decades the gold standard for measuring project success has been the project management iron triangle: on time, on budget, on scope. Despite increasingly more rigorous planning strategies, the average project is still 45% over budget, delayed by 63% and missing 1/3 of the promised functionality.

Beyond the iron triangle more impactful measures such as business value and sustainability, are even more elusive. Only 2% of organizations report that all their projects achieved the desired benefits.

It’s time to start changing that.

In this presentation we will look at the key reasons projects fail and more importantly what to do about it. We will review how agile project management achieves success sooner with fewer resources. We also look at innovative methods for maximizing project value and business impact.

About the Presenter

Tom McCracken is a 20+ year web industry veteran. He has an unusually diverse background, ranging across web development, UX, marketing, content strategy, data analysis, and agile project management. His passion is helping organizations deliver more successful projects that achieve a true business impact.

He was an early champion for adopting agile methodologies for website development and digital marketing. In 2008, after becoming a certified scrummaster and product owner he lead LevelTen’s agency wide transition to Scrum. Today LevelTen blends, Scrum, Kanban, XP and Behavior-Driven Development to execute all projects.

Over the past 20 years, Tom has consulted on over 200 digital projects for companies such as AT&T, U.S. Bank, Abbott Labs, IBM, Pratt & Whitney, ADP, E*TRADE, NEC, Nationwide Insurance, Simon & Schuster, and Tektronics, along with numerous small and mid-sized organizations.

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