Bob Hartman (AgileBob) in “Responsibility, Delegation and Empowerment”

January has effectively become SFAA’s Bob Hartman Month, we are proud to host AgileBob again for the 3rd time!

Please note SFAA members get a $200 discount to attend Bob’s South Florida classes, use code “SFAAVIP”  to sign up CSM and CSPO.

“When managers and leaders are asked “Do you empower your workers to make decisions allowing them to be successful?” they always quickly answer with a yes. Yet when workers are asked “Do your managers empower you to make decisions allowing you to be successful?” the answer is a resounding no. Why the disconnect? Bob Hartman has seen this happen in dozens of companies, even those run by very well meaning managers and executives, and he is going to bring his insight to this session to teach how to empower well, and also how to accept empowerment properly. The goal is to create empowered people that are on empowered teams then end up delivering value faster than ever before because decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. During the session Bob will not only cover the art of empowerment, but also how to delegate effectively and safely. All of this also must be done in a responsible manner, so the Responsibility Process will also be covered. Come to this session to experience the difference between what normally happens and the rush that can be provided when taking responsibility, delegating effectively, and empowering people correctly.”

About AgileBob

Bob Hartman, known as “Agile Bob,” is one of only a few people who is both a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Scrum Coach. He has extensive experience in both training and coaching Scrum teams at global organizations like HP, Pearson Education, Starz Entertainment Network, Western Union, Weyerhaeuser, Siemens and many others. Bob is also the Founder of Agile For All, a business-to-business Agile training and coaching group based out of Denver, CO. They guide companies through the difficulties and nuances required to embrace Agile effectively and produce one-of-kind transformation. Agile For All also annually hosts Humanizing Work, an advanced training event exclusively for alumni, and is actively involved with Mile High Agile. He is currently serving on the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors as Vice Chairman.