Communicating and Collaborating – How Distributed Teams Can Thrive

Working distributed can be tricky! Just coordinating and communicating between 10 or fewer people in the same room can be a challenge some days. Spread them out across time and space and it can become a nightmare! Join us for a fun, interactive workshop that will shed some light on the “phenomena” your team will encounter while working remote and retrospecting. Learn to better navigate your distributed team’s communication to achieve the learning and growth you’re after. Seeking active participants for this workshop only! Bring your own laptop or smart device!

Speaker: Mark Kilby has often been between a rock and a hard place … and found ways around both. When agile was shiny and new in 2003, one of his first teams was in Philadelphia while he was the scrummaster in Orlando. Since then, Mark has worked with different distributed teams in different industries. Currently, he serves as an agile coach for Sonatype, a 100% distributed company providing tools for better software supply chains.