Continuous Flow in the Digital Age (Steve Bell)

Continuous flow — from idea to customer value realization — is a core Agile principle. Yet, Agile practitioners often experience frustration from the many road-blocks and organizational challenges that impede speed and flow, both within their technical teams, and across the enterprise. Continuous flow is becoming especially important as enterprises realize that, to remain competitive, they must develop digital vision and capabilities in all aspects of the enterprise, through close collaboration with technical teams, to continuously deliver outstanding customer experiences in a highly disruptive marketplace. Learn how to better utilize the principles and practices of Value Stream mapping, analysis, measurement, and management to overcome these obstacles, enabling continuous improvement and innovation of products, services and processes, creating continuous flow of value into the hands and hearts of your customers. 

Steve Bell, Lean IT pioneer, Shingo Prize winner, author of Lean Enterprise Systems, Lean IT, and Run Grow Transform

“How can the enterprise and IT work better together to create greater value for customers?” has been the driving question behind Steve’s work for more than 30 years. He was the first to introduce Lean practice to IT, taking an enterprise-wide view of IT’s role in customer value creation and realization. Steve has been a leader in actively bridging the global Agile and Lean communities, contributing to DevOps research and practice, and exploring how organizations utilize Lean management systems, principles and practices to accelerate enterprise-wide Agile-at-scale adoption and enable digital transformation. A new resident of Tampa Bay, Steve and his co-author Karen Whitley Bell are currently researching for their latest book on how to achieve speed and quality, and realize value for the Digital Lean Enterprise.

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