Creating a Courageous Culture

We often think of courage as not being afraid or hitting back when someone hits us. When we are on Agile teams we quickly learn that a fearlessness like this, where we armor up and protect ourselves, gets us nowhere. That armor keeps us from growing highly-performing teams who create great software.

True courage is a product of kindness. It is opening up your heart, knowing that you could be vulnerable but knowing it is WORTH IT. Brene Brown defines courage as: asking for what you need, speaking your truth, owning your story, setting boundaries, and reaching out for support. This is the definition we will be exploring together in this workshop.

If only we could tell people what to do instead of modeling, it would be so much easier! But alas, we have to learn how we can make the difficult changes ourselves so we can model for others. During this workshop, we will practice courage with guided journaling and working with our tables so we can take these skills back to our teams.

Sarah Baca will be leading this workshop.