Culture Happens in Meetings (Cristina Liriano)

Culture happens in meetings – Using purpose, rhythm and structure to break out of power dynamics and corporate shenanigans

Agile teams know that following a cadence of meetings or ceremonies help the team focus and collaborate. There are even rules of play where anyone outside of the core team is either not invited or not allowed to speak so that meetings can be most effective and efficient. Teams have their own style, rhythm and rules of engagement. And they do everything in their power to protect that shared space.

But what about everyone else? What if you aren’t on an “Agile” team? What happens at your meetings? Are they effective? Do you make shared decisions and then undermine them in hallway conversations? Does the leader dominate the conversation every time? Are half the people texting and checking emails? Does everyone get air time? Have you ever asked – just why am I even at this meeting?

Why do we care so much about meetings? Whatever is happening at your company is playing out at your meetings. Power dynamics play out in meetings. The reinforcement of centralized control and authority and team dysfunctions have center stage at meetings.

A company with a dynamic, vibrant culture has engaging meetings. A company with a culture of fear establishes and reinforces those behaviors at meetings. It’s very subtle but so much of corporate shenanigans happen in our daily meetings.

Join us to hear about how setting up an operating rhythm of meetings and practices can help teams establish purpose, untangle decision-making, improve transparency, and foster collaboration. Learn about how having a team of facilitators helps establish psychological safety and gives everyone a voice and increases engagement in every part of the organization.

Cristina Liriano is Director of Transformation at Bloomin’ Brands. She’s an agile practitioner with a focus on building healthy teams and a dynamic work environment for everyone. Formerly focused mostly in the technical space at multiple local companies, Cristina now serves the company in its overall transformation efforts to become more responsive to customers through a thriving workforce.

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