QA THE AGILE WAY- Lean Coffee Discussion

This is the last meeting out of the 3 part series to collect ideas and topics for the next meetings agendas for the remainder of the year and beginning of the next.

We are collaborative group of folks that want to bring quality to the process of software development .

Quality assurance is everyone’s responsibility on the team.This is why we chose our sub group name last meeting as QA THE AGILE WAY.

We look forward to supporting each other on learning how to bring quality to software development. We are always open to many ideas and suggestions. See you soon!!!

Food for this meetup is made possible by our generous sponsor, Insert Sponsor. We take RSVPs very seriously! RSVP counts are used to determine how much food and drink to supply at each meetup. The point is, if you RSVP to a meetup, please show up.