Disrupt or Die – Virtual Meetup with Gary Walker & Coaching Agile Journeys

Disrupt or Die

Technology has not only changed the way we work, it’s levelled the competitive landscape, allowing startups to compete with the established larger organisations. Gary will talk about the disruptive new-comers who have forced businesses to re-evaluate their strategies, ways of working and culture. To get ready for the future, Gary will discuss how to evolve to ensure you’re not left behind.

About Gary:

A technologist, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about new digital concepts and ways of working. Continuously exploring how new technologies can be applied in unintended, yet meaningful ways. Currently a leading globally remote team delivering digital products to facilitate an engaged, empowered workforce to communicate, collaborate and deliver regardless of their location. (Fun fact! Gary was cast as an extra in 2017, playing an English solider, in a new Netflix film called The Outlaw King, released later this year.)

How to Join:
At the appointed time, click this link:
Please do feel free to actively contribute, this is not simply a webinar, but we wish to hear your voice (and hope to see your face!)


What is Coaching Agile Journeys?

We are a group committed to living our agile journey to the fullest. We are dedicated to finding highly focused topics that help escalate development in each of our Agile Coaching journeys. Our goal is to find topics that Agile Coaches tend to be routinely challenged with, and open up questions, answers and discussions that can help provide new perspectives to these often difficult or intriguing scenarios…