FREE WEBINAR: Understanding Agile Transformation (Mike Cottmeyer, LeadingAgile)


Anyone who has tried to adopt Agile at scale finds out quickly that simply using Scrum or another Agile methodology at the team or project level doesn’t get you there. That’s because Agile Transformation at the enterprise level requires the right context and ecosystem to be in place, or Agile simply won’t work. It’s not about teaching Agile to your people; it’s about finding a way to systematically overcome what’s in standing in the way of Agility for your organization—and that way is going to be different for every organization. In the Understanding Agile Transformation webinar series, Mike Cottmeyer will uncover how to uncover which aspects of your business must change first to create the right ecosystem for Agile to work within, the obstacles you’ll typically face along the way, and how to overcome them.