Going First: How to Model the Way from Vulnerability to Courage

July’s presenter is Christy Erbeck, presenting “Going First: How to Model the Way from Vulnerability to Courage”


As Agile Coaches and Consultants, we are in a unique position to work with people on an array of topics that helps them become more effective, both as individuals and as teams. Often, we are invited into conversations that have a positive and lasting impact. Indeed, we have the privilege of working with their ‘mess’, and helping them figure out how to clean it up (whether that’s code, user stories, or personal interactions). In order to do that with integrity, though, we need to be willing to ‘go first’ and do our work, to uncover our ‘mess’ and get to a place where we can model the way from vulnerability to courage for our clients.

In this workshop, I’ll share my insights from the works of both Brene Brown and Leadership gurus Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. We’ll explore how shame keeps teams from performing their best in a way that is safe and appropriate for the workplace, and give you a path through shame to vulnerability and finally to courage. And yes, there will be pre-work, which will be posted a few weeks ahead of time. 


Christy Erbeck, an AgileThought Agile Transformation Consultant, has over 25 years’ experience in training, coaching and consulting, working in both software development and non-product-focused environments, including manufacturing (discrete and process), distribution, and sales & marketing.  

In her career, Christy has trained thousands of individuals worldwide, from nontechnical roles (e.g., in transportation, coal processing), to software developers, sales, and high-level executive leaders.  

Christy co-authored Roadmap to Success, a compilation of thoughts from some of America’s top intellectual minds (Ken Blanchard, Deepak Chopra, and others) on mapping out successful business strategies, including understanding employee engagement to improve profitability. Christy is a Professional Scrum Master, PSPO I, and holds a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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