Holiday Party with a Purpose

Join us for our annual party with a purpose! This will be a joint meeting with IIBA. 

Kent McDonald will be giving us his talk, “Anyone Can Write User Stories – It’s the (Shared) Understanding That’s Important” and we will also have an ugly sweater party. Wear your ugliest sweater and win a prize!  

Big thanks to KForce for sponsoring and hosting our celebration this year! 


“Who should write user stories?” 
“How can I write better user stories?” 
When should we write user stories?” 

All questions frequently asked. And all questions entirely missing the point. 

Just as the *holding* is the most important part of the rental car reservation, the *shared understanding* is the most important part of the user story. 

Join Kent to learn how user stories help you build shared understanding of the right solution with your team. Along the way, learn some techniques to address common issues that stand in the way of getting everyone telling the same story. 

Learning Objectives: 
* Start with value, then identify stories 
* One way to stop solutioning 
* Dealing with dependencies (that may not be there) within your backlog 
* Ways to split user stories into a more manageable size 
* Mapping your way to acceptance criteria


Kent J. McDonald helps organizations understand and solve the problems they face. He is active in the business analysis and agile software development communities helping people share stories about what does and does not work. He shares those stories at,, and in addition to presentations at various conferences and local user groups.