Project Portfolio Selection – Understanding the Cost of Delay

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How does your company currently select and prioritize its Projects Portfolio?  How do you decide what projects to include, and when to start working on them?  Are you basing your choices on delivery cost as the primary driver?  What about the value these projects bring to your company and how quickly that benefits your bottom line?

Since different stakeholders have competing interests unless a formal approach is implemented, the process often ends up being ad-hoc and whoever yells the loudest eventually gets his way! 

We need a framework for such prioritization conversations in order to understand what the Cost of Delay means to a company.  Fortunately, using SAFe principles, we can find the shortest path to value realization,  and how to be better responsive to change.   Join us in this informative session as we explore how to use Cost of Delay in prioritizing our initiatives portfolio/projects roadmap.

Remember, “…if you quantify nothing else, quantify the cost of delay…”  Donald Reinersten. 

Special thanks to FPL for inviting the speaker as well as hosting and providing venue and refreshments.

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• 6:30-7:00 Meet, greet and Network

• 7:00-7:05 Welcome by FPL 

• 7:05-8:15 Presentation and Q&A

About the Speaker:
Alex Kanaan is a technology leader and Agile change agent. He led application development at a UN Agency, technology transformation in Accenture, and business architecture in Microsoft-Avanade. He is currently Director of Project Management at Spafinder Wellness 365 in Miami. Alex started his Agile journey with Scrum in 2008, and passionately believes in Agile as a spark for innovation. As such he is co-founder of South Florida Agile Association, SFAA board member and VP Education & Professional Development in addition to being founder of the Atlassian-JIRA user group in South Florida and has previously served as Membership Retention Director with PMI South Florida.

Alex spoke at several Agile conferences including Scrum Gathering Phoenix 2015, Agile 2014, ATS 2014, ATS 2015 and HPTC 2013. He holds an MBA from the UK and a BSBA in MIS in addition to being a SAFe Agilist, CSM, CSPO, and LSSGB and certified as a PMP in 1999.