Investment Optimization with Active Portfolio Management

What if there was another way to approach portfolio management, one that enabled you to act decisively and quickly when an opportunity arose? With the traditional governance paradigm, your organization is stuck with choices that might have made sense at the outset but didn’t work out in the marketplace. What if you made your investments based on facts rather than luck? What if you placed smaller bets against the House and could fold before you lost too much and up the ante where it was evident you would win? In short, what if you could be Agile in where and when you put your money? That’s the beauty of Active Portfolio Management: it enables you to change with a marketplace constantly in flux.

This workshop acknowledges that Agile contradicts traditional business theory,
which leads to ineffectively leveraging what Agile has to offer. Focusing on simple
rules for portfolio management, you will learn language about Agile that resonates
with executives. To help you activate key concepts in this talk, you will run portfolio optimization activities with time for discussion.

Chris Espy & Linda Cook

Chris Espy is a Senior Agile Consultant at SolutionsIQ. During a 28 year career in
software development he has helped design and execute large enterprise Agile

Linda is the Chief Learning Officer at Project Cooks and helps large enterprises
transform their organizations. Linda has given this presentation a few times to local PMI groups and at several organizations.

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