Agile Transformations – Scrum Teams: Scrum Masters, POs, BA/QA, Dev

Pls confirm your attendance as we need a count for refreshments.

Agenda: 5:30-6 – Meet & Greet, 6-7 – Agile topics: 7-7:30 Wrap up/close out

Lean Coffee Summer session! This Lean Coffee will be focused on Scrum Teams with emphasis on the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. Please feel free to post items that you would like to review in this session.

Here are a couple to think about:

Where are you in your Agile journey or transformation? What do you need help with? Tips & tricks for Scrum Masters? Servant Leadership – easier said than done True/False? How do you onboard your new Scrum Masters? How are you managing your backlogs, grooming, planning? Dev Ops/Continuous Delivery/Automation – latest buzz, How are you working with Internal Audit/Compliance in your organization? Recommendations for certification and coaching – do your teams need this? How do you develop your career when you are in Agile mode? Kanban, ERP Projects, Scrum teams – lets break it down.

Light refreshments will be provided, raffles and prizes. Looking forward to seeing everyone for a fun summer session!